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A collection of  appearances, interviews, and other media

OT Schoolhouse Podcast featuring Sarah


Jayson Davies and I discuss the research behind homeschooling, the research of OT and homeschooling, and how I combined them to start Collins Academy Therapy Services.

What about the mama podcast- An occupational therapy perspective on how to care for homeschooling mothers


Karena Skibinski and I use our backgrounds as occupational therapists and mothers to discuss the importance of caring for homeschooling families specifically during the COVID era.

The Innovative OT- The OT Headhunter: OT's unique role in helping homeschooling families


Sarah Anderson and I discuss my unique role as an OT consulting with homeschoolers as well as matching families with homeschool friendly practices. More information on the continuing education course for OT's is provided. 

Next Level Occupational Therapy


Kara Welke and I discuss occupational therapy for homeschool families.  We talk about the course "Homeschool therapy Ideas" and how it benefits homeschool families and occupational therapists.  We cover business successes and mistakes.  

Homeschool Sanity Show- OT in Your Homeschool


Dr. Melanie Wilson and I discuss occupational therapy and it's role in the homeschool.  This podcast is designed for homeschooling families yet beneficial for OT's to hear the perspectives of homeschool families.  

Guest on the OT Lifestyle Podcast- Nurturing the Innate Brilliance of Our Children with Homeschooling 


Rhiannon Crispe and I discuss how OT's can support homeschooling families using  a client-centered apporach. We talk about the advantages of freedom and flexibility and then tackle the homeschool environment and questions about social participation.   

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